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The Best Leather Desk Pads for Developers



A leather desk pad is a highly utilitarian piece of equipment.

As developers, we need to have a space that increases our concentration, keeps us in a focused mindset, and reduces the potential for distraction or context-switching.

If you're wondering whether a leather desk pad is something you would benefit from, then I highly advise you to read this article on why a leather pad is a must-have accessory. 

Even if you're not convinced, you may understand how it can elevate your workflow and increase the lifespan of your desk. 

Let's get into:

"What is the best leather desk pad that I can buy?"

Developers are known to pride themselves on their tech equipment. This can and should extend to the rest of the workspace setup.

In this article, we're going to look at what leather desk pads are out there so that we can help you understand what it is you're looking for in a desk pad and make the decision of choosing one a little bit easier.


What to Look for in a Leather Desk Pad

There are several factors to consider when looking to purchase a leather desk pad.

Especially as a developer as this can have a pretty significant impact on a workspace that you spend most of your time at.

It would make sense that you carefully consider your options before making a decision.

Here are some criteria to keep in mind while shopping for a leather desk pad.




1.   Comfort and Protection

Developers know what it means to be in front of a screen. 
On any given day, a developer could easily spend 8 hours at his/her workspace.

Reading this as a developer, you're probably shaking your head saying, "More like 10, dude."

Well, whatever your work-life balance, one thing remains true, we spend a lot of time with our hands on, or hovering above, a flat surface as we hack away at our code.

That surface should be as comfortable as possible so that we have one less thing to distract us from our flow-state: discomfort. 

This is where a quality leather desk pad comes in.

It provides comfort to your hands and wrists.

This, in turn, reduces your fatigue allowing you to work more productively for longer.

A bonus of a desk pad is that it protects your desk thereby extending its lifespan.

Keep the above in mind when shopping around so that you ensure you purchase a desk pad that offers both comfort and desk protection.


2.   Size and Sticking

Once you start shopping around for a leather desk pad, you realize how many different sizes they come in.

Pay attention to your workspace and think about the ideal size for you.

Do you want something that covers your entire work area?

Maybe you want something only for your laptop, mouse, and coffee cup to rest on.

Whatever it is, try to imagine what would work best for your situation.

This will save you from being excessive and just buying the biggest pad you can find.

Smaller pads are generally around 12" x 17" while you can purchase giant pads as big as 35" x 71"!

Just make sure you have enough desk for your desk pad, ok? ;)

While the size dimensions are an important place to start, also consider that many leather desk pads come with sidebars. Consider how this will impact the aesthetic overall look and feel you've got going in your current setup.

Finally, the sticking.

This refers to the backing of the pad. You'll want to make sure what level of stickiness you're getting so that unexpected slips (or sticking) of the pad doesn't catch you unawares. 

It's not something to be particularly picky about but it is good to know that there is variation in the backing of leather desk pads.


3.   Quality of Leather

Leather comes with an optimum combination of comfort, durability, and the distinguished look of leather.

There is, however, a huge range to consider here and is probably the aspect on which you will spend most of your decision-making time.

Unlike many cheap desk pads, leather pads aren’t at risk of producing glare that can distract you from work and there is, of course, their famous durability.

Some leather is cheap and some comes from quality rawhides. If the leather doesn’t originate from a high-quality hide, it has to be sanded to remove imperfections.

The result is a thinner and less durable product.

If you're looking for the best durability, then you'll want to get your hands on top-grain or full-grain leather.

This being said, even well-developed faux ("vegan") leather can approximate many aspects of leather at a fraction of the cost. 


4.   Aesthetics

Looks aren't everything. Especially when it comes to something as functional as a well-balanced workspace.

But, if we pause and think about the purpose of a well-put-together workspace, we'll conclude that its purpose is to optimize work output by providing a concentration-inducing environment.

With this in mind, it's clear to see that the aesthetic potential of a leather desk pad is not something that should be undervalued.

A desk pad bought on aesthetic value alone doesn't make sense. But a desk pad that is aesthetically-cohesive with your workspace will do wonders for your morale and your sense of work focus.

When considering options visually, go for the desk pad that is more pleasing to the eye. Chosen correctly, your desk pad can offer up functional elegance and aesthetic bliss.




The Best Leather Desk Pads

1.   Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter

Although technically made from plastic, the faux leather of the Nekmit has the soft and supple feel of leather. 

With Nekmit’s variable size options, you’ll have no problem finding a pad that’s large enough to place a laptop, extra keyboard, mouse pad, and second screen.

The backside uses another faux-leather for non-slip backing, which is effective at preventing slip on just about any surface. 

This faux-leather pad is approximately 5mm thick, which is precisely enough to keep your desk well protected from scratches and coffee stains.

Size options include the standard 34″ x 17″, a slightly broader 24″ x 14″, the standard 34″ x 17″, and the extra-large 36″ x 20″.


2.   Dacasso Chocolate Brown Leather Desk Pad

If you’re looking for authentic leather, Dacasso is the answer with their elegant and smooth chocolate brown desk pad.

It uses top-grain leather, which is the most commonly used type for high-end leather products, and the second-highest quality leather after full-grain.

With immense resistance to strain, Dacasso is built to last through an entire developer career.

One thing leather fanatics should note is that top-grain leather tends to develop less natural patina over time. Patina is that weathered look that leather collects with time and is what makes leather age so distinctly and beautifully.

While top-grain still develops patina, it’s not nearly as distinctive.

The pad itself is cut to 34″ x 20″, making it ideal for a standard-sized desk. The outer edges of the pad are accented with side rails approximately the width of a business card.

You can use those rails to tuck-in calendars, cards, and other documents. They’ll provide a firm hold, and are finely stitched in place to keep that firm hold over time.


3.   Harber London Leather & Felt Desk Mat

Comprised of Full Grain Vegetable tanned cowhide leather, the Harber London Desk Mat is a great choice. 

Boasting a minimalist design that’s accompanied by a thick wool base, it offers an attractive look with a subtle amount of cushion. Sturdy and built to last, the leather ages beautifully over time, forming a natural patina that keeps it attractive for years to come.

This product is hand-made in Spain and it shows. The result of expert craftmanship means you're getting the elegance and quality that you're probably looking for.

Located on the top is a small slit that keeps your desktop that can be used to help with cable management. It’s a nice touch that helps create a focused workspace.

The Harber London mat is available in two different sizes – medium or extra-large. The medium version is likely appropriate for most workspaces, measuring 19.68″ x 11.81″ (50 x 30 cm).

In fact, it’s about the right size for a Macbook Pro. If you feel like you’ll need a bit more space, then you're better off going for the XL version.

It’s 31.49″ x 17.71″ (80 x 45 cm) so it’s definitely on the larger side, but an excellent choice for those needing a bit more desktop coverage.


We're Here to Help.

Ultimately, the choice of desk pad lies with you.

Fortunately, we've made this choice a very simple one by offering brilliant brown and black vegan leather desk pads.

They're a very generous size at 31.5" x 15.7" and are guaranteed to elevate your workspace, help you get in the zone, and extend the lifespan of your desk.